Jan 21, 2013

Philippine Election Gun Ban 2013

Gun Ban 2013, Halalan 2013


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Nov 23, 2012

Philippine Firearms UPDATE

share ko lang ito para alam natin lhat.got it from another forum.

During the PNOY cup sa Armscor pinatawag ng FEO ang mga heads ng mga gun club and announced the following:

On FA License:
- All expired licenses can be renewed on or before December 31, 2012

- If you are a gun club member only but not a member of PPSA/IDPA/PNSA as indorsed by your gun club president then your PTT would only be good for 1 month and only 1 range will be indicated which will be the home range of your gun club.

- If you are a gun club member and also a member of PPSA/IDPA/PNSA then your PTT will indicate "All PNP accredited firing ranges" and the PTT is valid for 3 months. However you are required to attend monthly 1 clubshoot and 1 sanction match. The PNP will verify whether you are an active competitor from the match records and if you failed to comply in joining sanction matches then your next PTT will be only effective for a month and limited in number of ranges.

- FEO inspectors will visit accredited firing ranges randomly and will conduct a surprise inspection on the facilities as well as the shooters therein to check whether their FA are licensed and have the appropriate PTT (take note I mentioned only PTT not including PTCFOR which I will tell the issue later)

- If you have the above PTTs but used your FA in a firing range not accredited by the PNP then your FA can be confiscated and license revoked if caught in a checkpoint or by the FEO inspectors

- PTT for HPRs will only be granted if there is a rifle shooting competition and will be effective only for a limited period (as per the discussion in the meeting most likely a day before and after a rifle match only, if you want to practice you will have to personally request a 1 day PTT from the head of the division issuing PTTs and PTCFOR (Col. Reyes aka "Batman") "for practice only" purposes)

- PTTs will only be released every Wednesday of the week

The reason daw sa paghihigpit sa PTT ay dahil lahat ng gunstore na nagbebenta ng baril ay pinapamember na lang sa kahit anong gun club yung bumibili at kumukuha na lang basta basta ng PTT kahit hindi naman active sa range dahil ang origin daw ng PTT ay MOA daw ng PPSA with FEO para sa mga active shooters lang :roll: :roll: :roll:

- FA with PTCFOR cannot be used in the firing ranges due to the PNP's current interpretation (by Col. Reyes) that FA covered under a PTCFOR should be concealed and cased at all times and that since a firing range is a "public place" then exposing the FA with PTCFOR is now a violation of the rules governing PTCFOR as indicated in the back of the permit. (This interpretation is now being questioned by some lawyers and the PNP has relented that they will study again this position)

During the meeting maraming tanong ang mga gun club heads but medyo tempered lang dahil sa fear na mapaginitan ng FEO at baka di maisyuhan ng mga permit o madelay ang pagisyu sa gun club. Ang nakakatuwa sa lahat ng ito humihingi ang ibang heads ng in-writing ng mga bagong rules pero walang binigay ang FEO at sabing as regulator iniimplement lang nila ang mga existing laws, rules and regulations ng firearm possession and permits as they see fit and interpreted by them.

For Range Officer's:
- Only active ROs (meaning yung mga may 18 points and not the maintaining 6 points) ang entitled sa PTT privilege but limiting the number of FAs from 4 to 2.

On Gunsmith's / Gun Repair shops:
- The FEO will conduct random inspection of PNP accredited smith's/shops. Only licensed FAs covered with PTT and PTCFOR should be found in the possession of the smith/shop. If the FA is without license the owner of the shop/smith shall be held liable for illegal possession of firearms and their permit as repair shop will be revoked by the PNP and the FA confiscated. If with license but without PTT and PTCFOR the shop/smith will be subject to administrative liability under permit rules of the FEO as well as the licensed owner of the firearm. The FA will then be confiscated and its license revoked by the PNP.

there was also some rather vague/ambiguous discussion regarding changing of barrels and calibers of rifles/pistols that will subject the owner of the FA with administrative and criminal liability under FA laws and regulations but was not discussed in depth. (Tago niyo na mga LWD/KKM barrels :mrgreen:) there was also some mention about KPOS/RONI kits as prohibited "modification" but was not touched upon in detail.

When asked if practicing and matches during the gun ban will be allowed thru storage of FAs with the firing ranges the answer was this proposal is not yet approved by the PNP higher ups.

Only the COMELEC (particularly Chairman Brillantes) can grant exemptions on PTCFOR during the elections and this is not for sale as stated by the FEO and any statement that it can be bought is false.

Source: CCIS Gun Club FB Page

Oct 12, 2012

Philippine Gun show Nov 29-Dec 2, 2012

20th Defence & Sporting Arms Show - Part 2   November 29 - December 2, 2012
10:am - 8:30 pm  SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex