Jul 22, 2008

Firearms Price List

Colt Commander Stainless .45 ACP 85,000.00
Colt 1991 A1 Gov't Model Blue .45 ACP 81,000.00
Colt Gold Cup Trophy Stainless .45 ACP 102,000.00
Colt Gov't Model S80 Stainless .45 ACP 86,000.00
Colt Gov't Model S80 Blue .45 ACP 83,000.00
Para 16.40 PXT Limited Stainless .40 S&W 80,000.00

Norinco Standard Stainless .45 ACP 14,960.00
Norinco Standard Nickel .45 ACP 15,910.00
Norinco Police Two-tone .45 ACP 19,710.00
Norinco NP 27 Blue .45 ACP 16,630.00
Norinco Compact Blue .45 ACP 14,750.00
Norinco NP 44 Two-tone .45 ACP 23,000.00

STI Executive Stainless .40 ACP 177,000.00
STI Trubor Stainless .38 super 168,000.00
STI Legend Stainless .40 S&W 190,000.00
STI Tactical blue .45 ACP 138,000.00
STI Trojan blue .40 S&W 78,000.00
STI Edge blue Blue 135,000.00
STI Spartan blue Blue 38,250.00
STI Trusight Stainless .40 S&W 128,000.00
STI Lawman blue .45 ACP 88,000.00
STI Legacy Stainless .45 ACP 122,000.00
STI Rangemaster blue .45 ACP 100,000.00
STI Sentinel blue .40 S&W 115,000.00
STI Off-Duty blue .45 ACP 82,000.00
STI Guardian blue .45 ACP 78,000.00
STI Escort blue .45 ACP 78,000.00
STI Ranger II blue .40 S&W 78,000.00
STI Edge Chrome .45 ACP 158,000.00
STI Targetmaster Stainless .45 ACP 105,000.00

CZ 97 Blue .45 ACP 47,700.00

Firestorm 1911 Blue .45 ACP 20,500.00
MAC 2011 Chrome .45 ACP 77,500.00
Thunderbolt 1911 Two-tone .45 ACP 44,000.00
Thunderbolt 1911 Blue .45 ACP 42,000.00

Para 14.45 PXT Ltd. Stainless .45 ACP 59,400.00
Para SX16.40EL Stainless .40 S&W 77,000.00
Para S16.40 Todd Jarrett Stainless .40 S&W 122,000.00
Taurus PT1911 Blue .45 ACP 33,250.00
Taurus PT92KL Blue 9mm 23,990.00
Kimber Super Match II Blue .45 ACP 157,500.00
Kimber Pro Covert II Blue .45 ACP 112,500.00
Kimber SIS Custom RL Kimpro .45 ACP 106,200.00
Kimber Custom II Blue .45 ACP 59,400.00

S&W 686 revolver stainless .357 68,000.00

Kimber Pro Aegis two-tone 9mm 98,000.00
Kimber Ultra Aegis two-tone 9mm 98,000.00
Kimber Custom Aegis two-tone 9mm 103,000.00
Kimber Gold Combat II Kimpro .45 ACP 153,000.00
Kimber Gold Combat STS stainless .45 ACP 147,000.00
Kimber Gold Combat RLII Kimpro .45 ACP 165,000.00
Kimber Supermatch II two-tone .45 ACP 157,000.00
Kimber SIS Custom Kimpro .45 ACP 115,000.00
Kimber SIS Custom RL Kimpro .45 ACP 106,000.00
Kimber Raptor II satin stainless .45 ACP 124,000.00
Kimber Stainless II stainless .38 super 99,000.00
Kimber Desert Warrior Kimpro .45 ACP 113,000.00

Sig Sauer GSR1911 stainless .45 ACP 97,000.00
Sig Sauer GSR1911 STX two-tone .45 ACP 121,000.00
Sig Sauer 1911 compact blue .45 ACP 97,000.00
Rock Island Arm 1911 blue .45 ACP 18,500.00
S&W SW1911 stainless .45 ACP 92,000.00
S&W 1911 Perform. Center stainless .45 ACP 138,000.00

Dillon RL650 reloader 75,000.00
Dillon RL550 reloader 44,000.00
Dillon Square deal B reloader 30,000.00
Dillon CV-500 brass tumbler 15,100.00
Note: Any 1 caliber 3-die set included in price
Vihtavhourri N310 handgun powder per pound 1,600.00
Vihtavhourri N320 handgun powder per pound 1,600.00
Vihtavhourri N340 handgun powder per pound 1,600.00
CCI small pistol primer per piece 1.55
CCI large pistol primer per piece 1.75


donWACKER said...

prices based from what GUN STORE boss?

Silverstar said...

Good day, may I ask the source of the STI products prices? I would appreciate it very much, thanks.

Anonymous said...

nice blog, very interesting. i'm looking forward for your future posting. will you post on how to buy a gun and the requirements needed and the type of permits like permit to carry, permit to transport, etc.

i'm thinking of buying and i really need to educate myself first before i decide. i think it is best to do that.

again thanks for your blog.

Stephen said...

Updated ba ang mga price nito? parang medyo mababa yata sa mga na canvas ko last week. thanks!

Anonymous said...

prices quoted seems to be higher from the actual market price.

emiliano said...

sir how much is the price now of MAC 2011 full chrome?

corsarius said...

is the price for Kimber Custom II still the same?
where do I go to see and buy unit?

Anonymous said...

complete n b ung Dillon RL650 reloader sa 75k thanks

bok said...

Good day po. ask ko lang po saan available na gunstore ang para ord na pxt 14.45 na 59k? salamat po.

Anonymous said...

sir mayroon ka bang price list nang mga glock, at anong gun store po yong P14.45 PXT na 59t

Anonymous said...

hello bossing saan bang gun store kung saan ka nakakabili nang STI SPARTAN BLUE na 38t. thanks

Anonymous said...

saan yung store for STI spartan??

newbie said...

Try mo sa Armscor Makati Cinema square. basement.

Anonymous said...

Hindi naman nagrereply itong mokong na ito eh.

Anonymous said...

Sir, how much un Colt gold cup trophy .45 SS ngayn? saan store meron stock nito ngayn?

Anonymous said...

sir ano po ngayon ang actual price ng norinco standard stainless .45ACP at san gunstore po ito available to order thanks at paano po ang licensing nito

FalconSpirit said...

Sir Pwedi maka hinge ng Info kung saang gun store alam mo ang prize ng Kimber Custom II at Para Ord. 14.45 Limited? Paki send po ng info sa e-mail add ko cjallorinajr@hotmail.com

Your Blog was so much useful for Filipino fire arm enthusiast.

Thanks Best Regards:

Anonymous said...

sir, gud day po.. pwd po hingi advice kng saang gunstore ang my pnkmbabang price ng tuarus 1911 45 pistol n mlapit po dito sa balara, qc. pls send me a reference po at my email: garhlbignayan@yahoo.com.
thanks smch po.

Allen Cantos said...

sir s pricelist b e ksma n ang s license...

Allen Cantos said...

sir ask lang kung ksama ns pricelist ang license,thnks...

Anonymous said...

Cn I ask someone is selling me a cal.45 norinco compact chrome cn I ask the brand-new price

Anonymous said...

may norinco m4 na ba kayo magkano price kasama na license...
salamat po!

Anonymous said...

Philippine Buyers - For Norincos, Taurus, Paras, Glocks, ARMED Shotguns pls call or text my mobile phone: +639196093968 RONI REY R. "POL" POLINES, Accredited TRUST TRADE Sales Agent.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for 40mm Pistol, armscor or Taurus model. My budget is 15000. pesos, My email scorpionheart_69@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Sir VL of Calamba Laguna, congratz sa new Glock23 mo at Maraming salamat sa tiwala. Pki antay na lang po PTCFOR mo malapit na ma release. Thnx uli. RRPOLINES +639196093968.

Anonymous said...

@rey polines, sir pag nag transact po ako sa inyo, ano po arrangements natin. iloilo po ako based

wally1982 said...

sir pol, ask lng po if alam kaung avail na reloader, dillon or lee? how to get d neccesary permit to own a reloader? txn

Anonymous said...

"@rey polines, sir pag nag transact po ako sa inyo, ano po arrangements natin. iloilo po ako based"

Sir txt or call mko. NCR base na ho ako pero magkababayan tyo. Pototanon ako (notice the "P"). and a proud Agustinian BSC Batch 1990.

Anonymous said...

if u want to license and ptc pricelist just text me, 09333262028, thanks

Anonymous said...

sir saan ako makkbili ng laser para sa pt 1911 ar/ model? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sir paano po kung mag order ako ng Dillon Square deal B reloader. ano po yung requirements?

pwd po ninyo ako ma contact dito 09177246050

Anonymous said...

if you need protection of your self...kevlar level III-A for only 13tausan below...just text or call 09476113029

Anonymous said...

get protected...for sale bullet proof vest...level III-A 13,000 only.concealable vest...or tactical.
just contact my number 09476113029.

Anonymous said...

Sir when is the next gunshow? pls email me kirk_rage78@yahoo.com, tnx

Anonymous said...

with license na po ba ang price?

CLAY said...

We would really appreciate to see gun stores that offer prices of their products. Cheers!


CLAY said...

Good day sir!
Where can I possibly avail of bag for a concealed carry pistol? Could you also refer to us a good gunsmith? More power to this site!


rrpolinesguns said...

Anonymous // November 7, 2011 8:51 PM
@rey polines, sir pag nag transact po ako sa inyo, ano po arrangements natin. iloilo po ako based

wally1982 // November 10, 2011 11:25 PM
sir pol, ask lng po if alam kaung avail na reloader, dillon or lee? how to get d neccesary permit to own a reloader? txn

Hello Guys, Kindly indicate your phone number or email ad so I may be able to reply on your queries directly. Take Care and God Bless.
RRPOLINES +639196093968 / email ads - phoenixpolines@yahoo.com / rrpolinesguns@gmail.com

CLAY said...

My cp no. +639178946185


buddy said...

sure ako nagkamali ng type sa price ng paraord pxt. limited. 89th yon wala ka mabibili 59th

rrpolinesguns said...

Agree to Buddy. Para Ordnance PXTs Limited Cals.40SW and .45ACP Unit Price (regular) is PhP83,000.00 Pls Copy/Paste link:



Anonymous said...

hicap 45 1911 model?

Anonymous said...

gunlicense/PTCFOR call/text 09106553742

Anonymous said...

is sti edge still 135k? what store?

Anonymous said...

gud day po..
ask ko lng kung may available kayo nito at magkano...


thanks po.


Anonymous said...

kundi ba naman kayo mga gago, sa gunstore kayo magpunta para accurate at totoo ang sagot sa mga tanong nyo.

Anonymous said...

dont speak bad words... kaya nga dito kumukuha ng info dahil walang panahon at kakayahan magpunta sa mga gunstore.

Anonymous said...

boss san ba nakakbili ng rubber grip ng jericho?

super_kimpoy said...

san un store nyo.. ganun p rin ba price ng taurus 1911?.. txt me 09237309159..thnks

rrpolinesguns said...

ARMSCOR MARKET PRICES as of July 11, 2011. Copy-Paste to Address Bar.


rrpolinesguns 09196093968

Anonymous said...

Magkanu po Glock 21, 13rds..
pki email po ako dito, heartjoan06@yahoo.com


jeremy said...

wondering how to purchase and get permit for carrying a fire arm and how much thanks email jeremywwallace@gmail.com

rrpolinesguns said...

Taurus Judge .45LC/.410
Unit Price = PhP34,940.00

Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 26 & 27 USA
Unit Price = 37,940.00


Anonymous said...

mga Brod, may alam po ba kayo kung saan may tindang Ruger SR9? how much po?

Anonymous said...


i am looking for single stack 1911, available ba models na ito at magkano?

1. Colt XSE Government stainless
2. Colt Gold Cup trophy
3. Springfield TRP
4. Springfield Loaded

please send details thru mail kung meron.. thanks!
my email: brennansalud@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I'm selling my para-ordnance s14.45 50k

rrpolinesguns said...

Hello AnonymousJuly 11, 2012 2:16

Are you in for a trade?
Your Para 1445 for a Glock 27 Gen4 Austria with 4 magazines?

If interested contact me in this mobile - 09196093968.

Anonymous said...

sir gud evening po san po ang gun store nyo at panu mag order ng pistol norinco. here is my digit just txt me kung san ang gun store nyo. 09153947043... thanks sir

rrpolinesguns said...

- Kimber Pro Covert II (1 Mag) Cal.45 ACP Dark Earth P115,000.00

- Kimber Ultra Covert II (1 Mag) Cal.45 ACP Dark Earth P115,000.00

- Kimber Super Carry Custom (1 Mag) Cal.45 ACP 2Toned P110,000.00

- Kimber Super Carry Pro (1 Mag) Cal.45 ACP 2Toned P110,000.00

- Kimber Ultra CDP II (1 Mag) Cal.45 ACP 2Toned P95,000.00

- Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II (1 Mag) Cal.45 ACP 2Toned P85,000.00

- Kimber Pro Carry II (1 Mag) Cal.45 ACP Blue P65,000.00

- Kimber Pro Carry II (1 Mag) Cal.45 ACP Stainless P71,000.00

- Kimber Ultra Carry II (1 Mag) Cal.45 ACP Blue P65,000.00

- Kimber Ultra Carry II (1 Mag) Cal.45 ACP Stainless P71,000.00

- Kimber Custom II (1 Mag) Cal.45 ACP Matte Black P60,000.00

- GLOCK USA Generation 4
(G17, G19, G22, G23, G26, G27)
Unit Price - P39,94000 up

- NORINCO 1911 NP44 HiCap (14+1) - P24,000.00

- NORINCO Commander NP27 2Tone (7+1) - P17,500.00

Contact Person:

Roni Rey R. Polines (rrpolinesguns) - 09196093968 / 09159341007
Trust Trade Accredited

aim@you said...

sir pwede ba maka order ng glock 21 SF? i'm from cebu pala and i am really craving for that gun.. if u know what i mean.. so pwede po ba mag order dito sa cebu?

rrpolinesguns said...


pls call or txt me 09196093968 / 09159341007

Anonymous said...

Do you have Springfield xdm 3.8 .40 s&w compact in stock? Price?

Anonymous said...

gud day!magkaano ba ang g19 plus lic. salamat

Anonymous said...

good day sir.. ask ko lang kung yung price ng taurus pt92 nyo sa taas yun pasin ba yung price nun..thanks

rrpolinesguns said...

Updated Unit Price Taurus PT92 Blue 9mm is PhP26,800.00

Anonymous said...

do you have glock21 gen.4? how much?

Anonymous said...

Available na ba ang Raging Judge magnum revolver na pede lagyan ng shotgun shells? Magkano ang price?

Please email at soulzrel@gmail.com

cheap 9mm rifles said...

You have shared a list of the firearms prices above which is really helpful for that person who want to buy that product.You have shown some new firearms name above that is too informative.

christine joy Bello said...

hi guys can anyone tell me what is he price of PT945, PT909 and PT1911?? can u pls tell me the last update price as of this 2013?

rrpolinesguns kindly email me on my add.. chrisiah05@yahoo.com

or anyone who knows pls send me the price and also if you know the nearest gunshop on ur places.. thank

Anonymous said...

Sir tanong ko lang po kung same price pa din po ba yung STI Legend or nagtaas na po ng price. Salamat po

rocker said...

anong gun shop po sa manila medyo mura benta sa glock.ty

bong said...

how much glock22 gen4 w/lic, ptc

rrpolinesguns said...

All Glock Models G17 , 19, 22, 23, 26 and 27 unit Price P39940 plus 4Yr License 4k. For further Inquiries pls txt or call 09196093968 / 09355948404 - Mr. POL

testo808 said...

wow severely overpriced. its like buying a pistol for the price of an AR. In other country, You can even buy .50AE dessert eagle for $50.:-)

Anil Kumar said...

nice computer tricks

rrpolinesguns said...

Glock USA Models G17,G19,G22,G23,G26 and G27 are on Sale - Promo Unit Price is down to P33,950.00 from regular price of P39,940.00. Promo Period up to July 10, 2013.

For further inquiries pls txt or call
09196093968 / 09355948404 look for Mr. Polines.
email ad: rrpolinesguns@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Anybody selling sti magazine .40 cal hicap? 09178916864

Anonymous said...

Hinde man lang nagrereply ang siraulo 2014 na

Zandro Oliver Cabaral said...


kjltan tan said...

Good day mga idol sir!tanong lang po kung may idea kayo kung mag kano sa gun store amg KIMBER GOLD MATCH II?at kung ano po masasabi ninyo sa baril na ito?maraming salamat po mga idol sir.

Dhave said...

Good day po sa inyo,willing po ako bumili ng 1911 ATI magkano po ba ang price ng unit at paano po ba ang proceso ng pagbili nito.tnx

astronought said...

mga sir 9mm po 15k budget ko bka meron po sa inyu ILOILO CITY base po ako. 09162667406 salamat po

Anonymous said...


sir. yong 686 s&w revolver puedi ba convert moonclip for recreational competition.

m2 pineda said...

how about armscor pistols po mga sir.

Anonymous said...

Sir, may updated price po ba kayo ng PT 92 AFS?